size 1, 2.2
size 2, 2.8
size 3, 3.2
size 4, 3.6
size 5, 4.2
size 6, 4.6
size 7, 5.2
size 8, 5.6
size 9, 6.2

When selecting what size wrap to purchase it is important to consider what type of carry you would like to do, as well as what size you and baby are.  In general, your base size is the length of wrap you need to comfortable execute and wear a Front Wrap Cross Carry.  This post gives many examples of various carries you can do with a variety of wrap lengths, in relation to your base size.

We recommend contacting your local babywearing group, finding an online community, or perusing YouTube for different carries to practice.  Please read our Safety page and practice, practice, practice.

Our wraps shrink at least 10% with a wash and dry, we cut the fabric to allow for shrinkage, but length may vary by blend and pattern.

All measurements are taken in meters. Wrap widths range from .63m to .70m.