Our wraps are made from all natural fibers and, with few exceptions, are as easy to care for as your regular household laundry.  

Your wrap will arrive to you in loom state without a finishing wash, because of this we recommend you wash your 100% cotton and linen blend wraps first in one cold wash without spin, and on gentle cycle for subsequent washing. Tumble dry on low/delicate.  Wash wool blend and silk blend wraps by hand with no agitation and lay flat to dry. Ironing is encouraged to prevent premature wear at the rails and other highly creased areas. 

Occasionally we come across a particular dye lot that is more fugitive than previous colors. Please look over your wrap carefully after the first cold wash and be sure there is no dye transfer before using the dryer. At times a wet wrap can appear to have bleeding, but this is grin-through made more apparent through the wet natural warp and will resolve when thoroughly air dried. In any case, do not panic, wash a few times on cold, and if the issue persists drop us a line!  We do not recommend the use of color catchers with any textiles. 

Your wrap will shrink at least 10%, we cut the fabric to allow for shrinkage, but sizes may vary by blend and pattern.  

Please inspect your wrap for signs of damage every time you wear your baby.