Welcome to Pavo Textiles!  Please see our Babywearing page to discover the magic of babywearing, our Instructions page to learn how to wrap (you'll get it!), and our Sizing page to get an idea of the length of our woven wraps. These can all be found under the Essentials tab above. All of our products are exclusively woven and finished in the United States of America at the Oriole Mill in North Carolina. We proudly stand with the most luxurious textile manufacturer producing today.  We are happy to see you here!

Hip 2B²
from 240.00
Honeycomb Lilac
from 80.00
Honeycomb Denim
from 80.00
Spicy Lobsters
from 180.00
Phlox Midnight
from 80.00
Honeycomb Dove
from 80.00